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can happen in an


For Always, contemporary billionaire romance book

No one walks away from Grayson Stryker...

except her

When the love of his life returns, will he be able to stay one step ahead this time?


Graham Everett can outsmart any opponent... 



even her

After all, how much trouble could one woman be?

For Ever, contemporary enemies-to-lovers romance book


for you

When he finds the one he can't live without, how far will he go...

for her

now available

Final eBook Cover For You.png

Ari Wright

Ari believes in the magic of love, fate, and the moments that make forevers. 

to create an all-consuming romantic escape for her readers, Ari dreamed up the humorous, heartfelt landscape of her debut series, The Instant Always


In A world of romance, intrigue, and heartrending realism, her novels combine lush detail and playful dialogue to explore the dynamics that make every love story unique...

and irresistible. 

Step into her colorful city of spice, passion, and second chances...

where happily ever after can happen in an instant.

Ari Wright author of The Instant Always new adult romance series

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The steamy city

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